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Water is the newsletter of the Pagan Educational Network. PEN is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about Paganism and building community. Water's purpose is to inform, inspire, and ignite ideas for positive social change. We publish news clippings, book reviews, and articles on a variety of topics, including Paganism, building community, alternative technologies, and sustainable economics. It is strongly suggested that authors purchase a sample of Water if they are unfamiliar with our work. Samples are $4 and available from the home office.

We have published pieces on issues such as: educational issues for Pagans (coming out, public speaking, etc), civil rights for all, community-building ideas, the growth and influence of the religious right, the environment, history and culture, and Pagan ethics. This is a representative sampling and is by no means exhaustive.

News clipping reports should be brief, concise (100 words or less), and contain full documentation of sources. Opinion or editorial can be included, but clearly noted to distinguish it from source material.

Book reviews should be brief, but longer reviews have been published which included pertinent editorial commentary. Reviews should state explicitly how the book (or other resource) can be utilized by readers to further PEN's goals.

Articles should be 2000 words or less, though longer articles have occasionally been published. Please send a query before writing a longer article. Articles should clearly state how readers are to use the information presented.

Tone for all pieces should be positive and respectful. Please note PEN's policy of avoiding war language such as "fighting" for rights. We do not use terms of violence in Water and your work may be edited to reflect that. Articles must include steps the individual can take to address the issue raised. Water is dedicated to finding solutions, not just describing problems.

PEN does not currently pay for articles. Published authors of news clippings receive a tearsheet of their piece. Published authors of reviews and articles receive two copies of the issue in which the piece appeared.

Submissions may be sent as hard copy or on disk in Mac format word processing programs. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to have your manuscript returned. Manuscripts not accompanied by a self-addressed envelope stamped with sufficient postage cannot be returned. Please include your legal name and address in addition to any pen name on your manuscript.

30 November for the January issue

28 February for the April issue

31 May for the July issue

31 August for the October issue

Deadlines can sometimes be extended. Please contact the home office for details.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss article ideas before beginning, please feel free to contact the home office.

Order sample issue

PO Box 24072
Indianapolis, IN 46224