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PEN is a nationwide network of members, subscribers, and networking partners linked through our home office. The home office coordinates all PEN activity and acts as an information clearinghouse.

It networks with other Pagan and religious freedom organizations, compiles our biannual Members' Directory, and produces "starter kits" for new members. These contain brochures, communication techniques, presentation advice, stationery, and other resources.

PEN members, subscribers, and networking partners keep in touch through Water, PEN's outstanding quarterly newsletter. Each issue is packed with the latest updates on religious freedom cases and the activities of the religious right, as well as ideas for building community and thought-provoking articles on history, culture, and society. Members also frequently post information about their own projects or needs. The Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance, an organization of over 200 presses, has called Water "an excellent newsletter on human rights, global, and educational issues. It is a must have if you plan to be active in the Pagan community."

PEN members also receive the Members' Directory, which contains contact information as well as members' interests, affiliations with other groups, and goods for sale or barter. The Directory is published yearly and is available to members only. It is a prime networking tool and brings PEN members closer together.

In addition to the Members' Directory, our special supplement "from the fields" goes to members only with each issue of "Water." This is our quarterly update of members' activities. "from the fields" also carries personal messages from members.

PEN encourages feedback from all members and subscribers through requests in "Water" and the feedback section on the Members' Directory form. We are committed to serving the needs of our members and constantly evaluate our progress.

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