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The Pagan Educational Network sponsored the Sacred Action conference in April 1997, dedicated to exploring Paganism and political activism. The aim of the conference was to move discussion beyond ritual practice and into issues affecting the community.

A main point raised was the need for a forum to continue these discussions. PEN is proud to sponsor the Sacred Action e-mail list as that forum. The list is dedicated to furthering Pagan networking, facilitating joint action on issues of importance to the Pagan community, and building an alternative community. Topics include spirituality, human rights, the environment, sexuality, Earth-friendly technologies, sustainable economics, right livelihood, community-building, Pagan parenting, and politics. The list grew out of PEN's belief that the Pagan movement can encompass the best of alternative communities and create a better world for all.

The list SacredAction@egroups.com is for posting announcements of Pagan festivals, news on discrimination cases, items for sale or barter, news on any of the topics listed above, and online petitions.

To subscribe, send a message to SacredAction-subscribe@egroups.com. You will receive an automated reply confirming your subscription which gives additional information about the list. If you are currently a subscriber and wish to unsubscribe, send a message to SacredAction-unsubscribe@egroups.com.

Please join us online to help bring the visions of Sacred Action to life. We are committed to a vibrant, interconnected Pagan community, and hope these resources can build on our strengths to create a better world for all. Make a difference: please join us today!