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In joining PEN, all members agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • To keep the home office informed of their actions and local religious freedom issues
  • To disseminate, to the best of their ability, accurate information
  • To build community, using whatever tools are available
  • To support First Amendment rights for all citizens
  • To approach their work with a generous spirit that seeks to foster community not division

Membership and Subscription Form
Our rates are sliding scale.  Those who contribute more will help support those who cannot.  Your contribution is appreciated.

Feel free to subscribe via our PalPal Link below, or print and mail the following form.

Membership Fees
Member's Name:


Mailing Address

Membership       Grove   Public     Private  $

Public or Private:  $25 - $40  Membership includes a starter kit, a one-year subscription to Water, and updates on members’ activities.

Grove Membership:  $25 + $2/member Grove membership includes starter kits and issues of Water for each two members sent to one address.  Please include the names of all members.

Subscriber     $
$18-$38, sliding scale (pay what you can afford). Subscriptions include a one-year subscription to Water.

Networking Partner
Please send a sample of your publication. We reserve the right to decline publication exchanges.

Gift     $
Additional gifts are always welcome.  Please let us know if it is in honor of someone special and we will include a dedication in the next issue of Water.

Sample Issue of Water     $
A sample issue of Water, only $4

Total     $
Thank you for your support.
Please print this form and mail it with your check, made payable to PEN, to the address below. Thank you for your support. Blessed Be!

PO Box 24072
Indianapolis, IN 46224

Who we are

PEN is a national non-profit organization of grassroots activists dedicated to educating the public about Paganism and building stronger communities. We are one of the most progressive organizations in America, taking creative steps to claim Pagans’ constitutional rights to freedom of worship and manifest a healthier culture.

Our activists across the nation work within their local communities to achieve our common goals.  Both public and private Pagans can join us as members.

Grove membership is for groups.  Groves educate the public (on whatever scale) and support community-building (in whatever way).  A grove may consist of any number of members provided those members all reside within the same general area.

We take steps to protect the anonymity of our members so that Pagans in any circumstances can join PEN and support our work.  We do not share out membership list.

What we do

PEN members make a difference!  Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

You may participate in any of these ways as a member of PEN.  The home office and issues of Water will give advice and suggestions to help you.  Our philosophy is “do what you can, when you can.”  No matter how small your contribution, you can make a difference.