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Going public with one's Pagan religion is a difficult decision to make. In recognition of this, PEN offers a wide range of options for involvement. Our aim is to create an environment where Pagans of differing interests and abilities do whatever they feel comfortable with to achieve our goals. For this reason, we offer two types of membership.

Groves are the backbone of our organization. They are public Pagans, educating others (on whatever scale) and working in community-building activities (in whatever way). Groves may consist of one person or one hundred, provided these members all reside within the same general area. PEN's emphasis on working within the local community sets it apart from other organizations. Rather than take a top- down approach where a member's "local" grove is in the nearest metropolitan area, we prefer to keep groves among neighbors and friends in order to make the process of education easier as well as make the community that much stronger.

Associate members are also vital to PEN. They are Pagans who support PEN's goals while keeping their faith private. We take steps to protect the anonymity of our associate members so that Pagans in any circumstance can join PEN and support our work.

All PEN members may participate in any or all of the following ways:

* Educating family and/or friends about Paganism

* Building stronger communities through activities such as carpooling, babysitting, or organizing block parties

* Supporting the larger Pagan community through letter -- writing, monetary donations, or ritual activities

* Writing letters to the editors of local papers or providing informational brochures at suitable local gatherings (such as fairs)

* Building community through volunteering, such as for soup kitchens, literacy programs, or community housing programs

* Joining with other religious or civil rights groups to promote First Amendment freedoms and an appreciation of diversity

* Making presentations to law enforcement officials, mental health workers, religious groups, education professionals, or the general public

You may participate on any of these levels and be considered a member of PEN. Our philosophy is "do what you can, when you can." No matter how small your contribution, you make a difference! We welcome Pagans from all walks of life to our circle. Please join with us today as we build a world for all Gaia's children.

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