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(order form for WATER article reprints at the bottom of the page)

$3.50 Press Kit Brochures and Fact Sheets on Paganism and Witchcraft
Contains an extensive glossary of terms, estimates of the number of Pagans in the US and comparisons with other faiths, and contact info for major Pagan organizations. Attractively packaged in folder. Suitable for inclusion with letters to the editor, when contacting broadcast entertainment and news media, and to accompany any educational materials.

$3 Creating a Pagan Presence Without Spending a Lot of Money
Written by an experienced organizer specifically for PEN groves, this article discusses sponsoring regular public informational sessions and creating and maintaining community networking. Everything you need to know for effective local organizing. 7 pgs.

$1 Public Presentation Text
Text of public presentation describing Paganism and the Craft. Excellent for those who want a concise overview of Paganism as well as those who wish to make public presentations, either individually or on panels. 3 pgs.

$1 Getting What You Want from a Press Release
Written by a professional journalist, tells you everything you need to know in order to write an eye-catching press release. Includes sample press release. 3 pgs.

$1 On Being Interviewed
Practical tips on how to make sure you get your point across when being interviewed by the media. 2 pgs.

$3 Real Magic: Using your money and your time to create a better world
Feel like you're working too hard and you never have enough time? You're not alone! Challenge environmental devastation and consumerism through Paganism and voluntary simplicity. Live life sanely. Includes resource list. 8 pgs.

$2 Writing Letters of Complaint
Explores how to be most effective in writing letters for protest and education. Many examples included. 5 pgs.

$1 Avoiding Burnout, Staying Sane
Discusses how to set reasonable goals and move with your natural energy in order to be most effective. Setting goals, adjusting to changes, letting go, and the importance of self-care. 3 pgs.

$1 "Crisis Rhetoric" and the Tiring of America
Discusses use of "crisis rhetoric" and "war language" in public discourse and its detrimental effects on the American psyche. 2 pgs.

$3 Community in Traditional Scottish Life
Describes customs spanning 400 years of traditional Scottish life. Focus on rites of passage for birth, marriage, and death. Article ends with analysis and suggestions for application of concepts to modern life. 9 pgs.

$6 Voting for God: The Religious Right in America
Thorough, documented report on the personalities, tactics, and agenda of this powerful political movement. Hailed by Pagans and non-Pagans alike. 30 pgs.

$3/free with membership Info Sheets
Compilation of descriptions of wide variety of Pagan paths. Includes resources for more information. Excellent for wide range of educational uses. Free with membership. 6 pgs.

$2/free with membership Paganism/Witchcraft brochures
Brochures on Paganism and Witchcraft briefly describe history and philosophy of these movements. Suitable for wide range of educational uses. May be duplicated so long as they are unaltered. Free with membership. 2 brochures.


Reprints of articles from Water the newsletter of the Pagan Educational Network

Please print clearly:


Name: _________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________


City ________________________ State _____  Zip _____________


 The Goddess Inside – Creating a coven in prison

$1.50 X (    ) ______

 Funeral Planning – How to arrange a Pagan funeral

$3.00 X (    ) ______

 Crone Counseling – Pastoral counseling for Pagans

$1.50 X (    ) ______

The Nature of Nature – Reflections on the benevolence and malevolence of nature

$1.50 X (    ) ______

The Politics of Dying – How to keep the government out of the end of your life

$2.00 X (    ) ______

Going Home – Experiencing Pagan Gatherings $1.00 X (    ) ______
Organizing Pagan Events $.75 X   (    ) ______
Doing a Lot With a Little – Simple suggestions for organizing Pagan get togethers $1.50 X (    ) ______
March for Women’s Lives – A Pagan’s experience at a pro-choice rally $1.50 X (    ) ______
PEN Pen Pals – Reflections on writing to incarcerated Pagans $1.00 X (    ) ______
Now What – The political situation with a conservative Christian government $1.50 X (    ) ______
A Thousand People – Ideas for protesting $1.50 X (    ) ______
The Educational Pagan Network – Learning and teaching Paganism in a mundane world $1.50 X (    ) _____
Out of the Ashes – the Pagan Aid Network

$1.50 X (    ) _____

Planning for Summer – Organizing a Pagan campout

$1.00 X (    ) _____

Walking Communities $2.00 X (    ) _____
Mother Earth:  June Cleaver, Medea, or Mommie Dearest

$1.50 X (    ) _____

On Behalf of the Grandmothers – Pagans in nursing homes $.75  X  (    ) _____
Networking With the Community $.75  X  (    ) _____
Ummah – the wearing of the veil $1.00 X (    ) _____
Walking the Walk – How to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Active $2.00 X (    ) _____

                                                                                                               Total ___________

All prices include postage   

Make checks payable to Pagan Educational Network

Order by mail through: Pagan Educational Network

PO Box 24072

Indianapolis, IN 46224

Please complete, print, and mail this form to the home office. Please make checks payable to PEN. Thank you for your support. Blessed Be!