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PEN members have made many accomplishments on both the national and local levels, including:

*  Organized the national Pagan response to attempts by Rep. Bob Barr and others to ban the practice of Wicca on military bases

* Organized a national Pagan effort to get accurate definitions for "Neo-Paganism" and "Witchcraft" published by the country's major dictionary publishers

* Developed a press kit on Paganism and Wicca for the Associated Press in cooperation with other major Pagan organizations

* Coordinated a national project denouncing racists trying to co-opt Asatru

* Published Voting for God, alerting Pagans to the dangers of the religious right

* Supported various religious freedom cases for Pagans, including the Church of Iron Oak, Jessica Spur, Wizard of Odds, Cathedral of the Pines, Barbara Schmaling, Rana Kern, and Great Mother's Love Nature Sanctuary

* Alerted Attorney General Janet Reno to the linking of Witchcraft with the abortion movement by radical pro-lifers

* Supported the Blockbuster boycott until their discriminatory dress code was changed

* Helped develop guidelines on Pagan religions for the Indiana Department of Corrections chaplains' guidebooks

* Established a Speakers Bureau to provide educational presentations on contemporary Paganism to community groups

* Donated books on Paganism to libraries across the country

* Established the Yemaya Fund, in cooperation with the Pagan Community Fund, to assist African-American churches in the South which were torched

* Held community events to promote tolerance and understanding among people of all faiths

* Sponsored public educational presentations on Pagan religions

* Assisted other faiths in charity works

* Established the Sacred Action e-mail lists to help further Pagan networking and community-building

* Provided resources to hundred of Pagans throughout the world

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