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Pagan Educational Network is proud to present,

2nd Annual International Pagan Coming Out Day 2012              

As active Pagans in Indianapolis, we know that many of our community struggle to live their spirituality.  The choice to come out as a pagan is difficult and intimidating, and is something every one of us has gone through.  In May, The Pagan Educational Network, in association with the International Pagan Coming Out Day, will be hosting 2 events in the Indianapolis area to help bring together community and  offer support to those finding their path as well as to  work toward achieving greater acceptance and equity for Pagans at home, work, and in society.         

April 25, 2012

Official International Pagan Coming Out Day

Where: IUPUI Campus
Near Taylor Hall
100 W. Michigan St.

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

What:    This is an informational event. Indiana pagan groups interested in hosting an info booth, please fill out and send back (via email or mail) the enclosed participant packet. The cost is $20 per booth.  Info booths are not permitted to sell any wares but are allowed to accept donations and hand out free information.

May 12, 2012

2nd Annual Indianapolis Pagan Coming Out Day

Where: Broad Ripple Park, 1550 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis IN 6220

When: 11am to 5:00pm

What:  Indianapolis puts it own spin on the International event!   With vending, opening and closing rituals, drum circles and much more!  Indiana pagan groups or businesses interested in hosting an info booth or vending your wares please fill out the enclosed participant packet and send back to us. The cost for informational Booths is $20 for vending $55. You may send it back via email or mail.  


Payment options: PayPal through the PEN website http://www.paganeducationalnetwork.com                             or send a check in the mail to: IPCOD % PEN, P.O. Box 24072 , Indianapolis, IN  46224    

Informational Groups contracted for both events pay one registration cost of $30.    

                   Thank you so much for your support!                                                             

Sincerest Blessings,                                                                                                                                                      Your Indianapolis IPCOD Committee!

  Vanessa, Charlotte and Kailyn


Registration Form:

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